Spiritual Business academy

A high-level program for those looking to learn how to connect with Spirit on their own, step into their unique spiritual gifts, and make an impact on the world through an abundant (6-figure or more) business.

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Hi, There! I’m Kayla Lappin…

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Welcome to this space, I’m so glad you are here. You being here means something–

You’re ready to heal, connect, and experience a life that you’ve always wanted. 

Being called to this space means that you are being guided to step into alignment with all that you are meant to be. It means you are ready to take the next brave steps in your own healing journey. And whether or not you take those steps with me is irrelevant; what’s more important is the celebration of your newfound desire to connect, heal, and live a life you’ve always dreamed of. Because I promise you this, anything is possible for you.

You see, I was once like you. I felt called to connect with Spirit, felt called to connect with something more, and felt ready to release all that I’d been holding onto. There was something inside of me that, despite my anxiety and depression, told me I was worthy of and meant for more. When I listened to this voice, when I leaned into it, and when I finally let it drive my life; everything changed. 

If you feel called to connect with Spirit, develop your spiritual gifts, and heal all that you’ve been holding onto, then I have offerings that can help you out at any point in your journey: 

Spirit Everyday: Spirit Communication 101 – Free Facebook Group:

For those looking to learn how to connect with Spirit & run a sustainable business doing so!

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Manifesting Without the Mystery – Free Facebook Group:

For those looking to learn about how to manifest and bring their dreams into reality!

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1:1 Healing/Reading Sessions:

For those wanting readings (connection with loved ones, guides, past lives) & healing sessions (reiki healing and chakra work)

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Energy Accelerator Program:

For those wanting regular 1:1 reiki healing sessions and notes from spirit sessions at an affordable price.

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Spirit Everyday Mastery Program:

For those committed to deep-dive into full-on connection with Spirit, master their spiritual gifts, take charge of their healing, and for those who want to create an abundant business making an impact with their spiritual gifts.

Spirit Everyday Mastery Program Details